Flyme Service Agreement
This agreement is signing to clarify the rights and obligations between users and Meizu for using Meizu related services. In this Agreement, ""Meizu"" refers to Zhuhai Meizu Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd and the related operating units for Meizu related services. ""User"" refers to the person who uses Meizu related services, and in this Agreement is referred to as ""you"".
I. Agreement Scope
The services in this Agreement refer to products and services provided to the users, including but not limited to data synchronization, mobile phone security, interaction and communication, Internet value-added services, and E-commerce.
II. Confirmation and Modification of Terms of Services
The Flyme products and services are provided in full accordance with the constitutions uploaded, this Terms of Services, and operation rules. Before using the Flyme services, please carefully read this Terms of Services. When you use the Flyme services, you are deemed to have fully agreed to the Terms of Service. Meizu has the rights to modify this Terms of Services in necessary. Once the Terms of Services is changed, the modification will be prompted on an important page. Once you accept the modification, the modified terms will be effective immediately and incorporated into this Agreement. If you refuse to accept the modification, Meizu has the rights to terminate this Agreement, and prevents you from continuing to use the Flyme. You agree that Meizu can close (permanently or temporarily) the Flyme (or any function of Flyme) based on certain business and rationality considerations without prior notice. You agree that Meizu has the rights to prohibit you from accessing your account when you are in breach of these ""user responsibility"" or other mandatory provisions. Under these circumstances: You may not be able to access the Flyme account, account data, any document, or other products or data stored in your account. You have to bear all the consequences.
III. Service Description
1. Flyme provides, including but not limited to, the following services:
1.1. Embedded Flyme related services in Meizu mobile phones;
1.2. Meizu website ( (including any websites directly owned or operated by Flyme);
1.3. Mobile phone clients directly owned or operated by Flyme;
1.4. Other technologies and/or services provided by Flyme. (The platform for all foregoing services is known as Flyme Platform.) Meizu provides free Flyme services to users. The Flyme related services require network supported. The network traffic expenses generated for the Flyme related services are charged by service providers. When you enable the Find the Phone function, the Flyme will obtain the geographical location of the mobile phone to facilitate you learn the location information of your mobile phone. The contacts, SMSs, and memos synchronized by Flyme are saved on the Flyme server end. You can view and edit the information by logging in to the Flyme website. You can send Flyme information over the Flyme server end. According to relevant laws and regulations and the requirements of the relevant government departments, Meizu has the rights to refuse to send specific information.
2. All services provided by Flyme to users are only limited on the Flyme platform. Any acts using illegal means such as malicious cracks to separate the Flyme service content from the Flyme platform are excluded from this Agreement. All the legal consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the perpetrators, and Meizu will cooperate with the investigation for legal responsibility of the relevant perpetrators.
IV. Modification, Interruption, and Termination of Service Content
Meizu has the rights to determine whether your behavior meets the requirements of this Agreement if you violate any provision of this Agreement; or according to the relevant laws and regulations and the requirements of the relevant government departments, when Meizu is required to terminate the Terms of Services or stop running the Flyme, Meizu has the rights to terminate the Terms of Services at any time. However, after the termination of these Terms of Services, all the legitimate rights and all legal obligations and responsibilities to be assumed (all legal rights, obligations, and responsibilities accumulated during the validation of the Terms of Services) of you and Meizu, or all legal rights, obligations, and responsibilities that are clearly defined with indefinite effectiveness, will not be affected by the termination of the Terms of Services.
V. User Privacy
Respect and protection of personal privacy is a basic policy of Meizu. Flyme will not publicize, access, edit, or disclose your personal information and non-public content saved by Flyme without your authorization. Flyme adopts the ciphertext transmission format and comprehensively protects user information. In the principle of good faith, it is necessary for Meizu to collect or disclose the information in the following conditions:
(1) To improve products, record user habit preference
(2) To provide customized services
(3) According to related laws and regulations or required by relevant government departments
(4) To maintain Meizu legitimate interests
(5) To maintain public interests
VI. User Responsibility
You agree to provide accurate, up to-date, and complete information(registration information) when you register related services or use related services. To meet the accurate, up to-date, and complete registration information requirements, please maintain and update your registration information. If any of the information you provide is false, inaccurate or incomplete, Meizu may terminate your rights to any or all of the services. You agree that Meizu can store and use the registration information you provide, for the use of synchronization in account maintenance. You ascertain the existence of risks and potential technical security risks in network transmission. You will take all reasonable measures to manage and protect your personal information, especially your account information, from being maliciously stolen. You must immediately terminate operations upon discovery of security threats, and contact Meizu official to feed back the issues. Meizu does not undertake any economic and legal responsibilities for information modification/deletion due to Flyme system abnormalities, your own operations, or third-party reasons. You shall ensure that any content, uploaded or posted to any public area by means of public services (including but not limited to interactive community and albums) on the Flyme platform, has legitimate copyright or the corresponding authorization, and agree to grant Meizu to free, irrevocably, and perpetually use the foregoing works and content worldwide. When using the Flyme services, you must ensure:
(1) Comply with relevant Chinese laws and regulations.
(2) Do not use the services for illegal purposes.
(3) Do not interfere with normal services.
(4) Comply with all services related network protocols, regulations, procedures and practices.
(5) Do not infringe Flyme intellectual property rights in any form. You shall bear the liabilities for any losses of Meizu or others due to your violation of this Agreement.
VII. User Management
1. You must comply with the laws and regulations when using this service and shall not use the service to engage in any illegal activities, including but not limited to:
1.1 Publish, transmit, disseminate, and store content that endangers national security and unity, undermines social stability, is violation of public order and morals, insulting, defamatory, obscene, violent, and violates any state laws and regulations;
1.2 Publish, transmit, disseminate, and store content that infringes upon the legitimate rights of intellectual property and trade secrets;
1.3 Maliciously fabricate facts and conceal the truth in order to mislead and deceive others;
1.4 Publish, transmit, and disseminate advertising information and spam;
1.5 Other laws prohibited behaviors.
2. If you violate this regulation, you may face the lawsuit, fines or other sanctions from the relevant state organs or agencies, and Meizu may be requested for assistance. If any damage is caused, you shall compensate the damage according to laws. Meizu does not assume any responsibility.
3. If Meizu discovers or receives someone else to report that your released information contravenes this regulation, Meizu is entitled to exercise independent judgment and take the technical means to remove, shield, and interrupt the links. At the same time, depending on the nature of the acts, Meizu is entitled to take the corresponding measures, including but not limited to suspending or terminating services, limiting, freezing, or terminating Flyme accounts, and investigating and affixing legal liabilities.
4. If your violation of this regulation results in damages of any third party, you shall independently assume responsibilities; if Meizu therefore suffers losses, you shall compensate for the losses.
VIII. Notifications
All notifications sent by Flyme are delivered by means of announcement on important pages, emails, SMSs, or regular mails.
Ⅸ. Applicable Laws and Dispute Resolution
The validity and interpretation of this Terms of Services are applicable to the laws of the People's Republic of China. You and Meizu agree to submit to the jurisdiction of Chinese courts. If Flyme Service Agreement conflict with the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, the Terms of Service will by fully interpreted and exercised according to the laws and regulations, while other terms remain the legal effects and impacts to you. Any dispute between you and Meizu arising when you use Flyme services can be addressed by consensus. If any dispute cannot be addressed by negotiations, the dispute can be submitted to the people's courts in Meizu location for adjudication.
X. After you agree this Agreement, you are deemed to understand and comply with all the terms of this Agreement.